Where Do Your Valentine's Day Dollars Go?

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Do y'all ever wake up on a snowy Sunday morning, start drinking coffee, and think about things? Just, you know, look outside and think?

And then maybe your mind wanders and soon, you realize it's Valentine's Day. What even is that day, you ponder, as you pour your 7th cup of coffee.

What do people buy on Valentine's Day?

Candy? Flowers? Candy flowers?

And how does that break down, exactly? Like, by category?

I am so glad you asked, because after hours of searching (and a severely annoyed old beagle later--sorry Mia, I will let you outside in a minute!), here it is.

Here what is, you ask? Exactly.

Here is a categorized breakdown of gift items, complete with percentages.

You're welcome!*

*Welcome for what, you ask? Exactly.

Remember the post I made a few weeks ago about Valentine's Day reservations that you ignored and now you're panicking?

Run to the store for a box of chocolates, a card and some flowers.

Like, right now. Stop thinking, just do it, here's a hyper-link to the nearest CVS. 


You're welcome. 


Always looking out for you,



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