Valentine's Day: 6 Geist Restaurants to Reserve

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Valentine's Day is a scant five days away, and you know what that means!

Time for a fancy dinner at a fancy place full of fanciness.

But where?

No. Not here.

*No. Not here

Maybe last year's trip through the drive-through didn't go over well?

Yelling your order in the clown's mouth was apparently "unacceptable" and "I'm walking home!" and "never call me again!".


People and their "standards", man.

Level up your Valentine's Day game this year. Make your reservations NOW (and by now, I mean immediately after reading this blog post).

Stumped for ideas?

No problem!

Here are six places around Geist Reservoir to check out.

  1. PortofinoWant authentic Italian food without going to Italy? Make a reservation here at this truly European restaurant in the Geist Area.
  2. Trax BBQ: Celebrity Chef Andrew Klein and his crew serve up some mighty tasty Carolina-inspired BBQ. Ever had their brisket or mac n' cheese? BEST EVER!
  3. Saint Yared: Listen, Ethiopian food is delicious. The injera bread alone is incredible and the coffee is so, so, so good! Plus, the owner is super hospitable and went to the University of Minnesota. Win-win!
  4. A.J.'s Bar & Grill: Good food, friendly people and a place to see your friends. How do I know? Well, I may or may not have taken my '81 Waggy there after I bought it. I may or  may not have told a table of locals that I used to hot wire cars in high school, and bet them a beer that I could hot wire that one...only, I had the keys in my hand. Long story short: I got that beer, they found out about the keys and we all had a hearty laugh. Good times!
  5. Wolfie's Grill: Geist waterfront dining at it's finest! Amazing raw bar and private dining make this place amazing. And who knows? You might just see some Geist glitterati dining at the table next to you!
  6. Eddy's Neighborhood Bar & Grill at Geist: Tucked back near Geist Marina, this friendly spot has the best ABSOLUTE BEST blackened tilapia ever. Do yourself a favor and check it out!

Hope this list is helpful to you!

If you go to any of these places, send over a snap of your entree.

Best one wins a gift card to one of these restaurants! 


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