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For those of you who are from the Midwest, February is an interesting month.

On Tuesday, it was jacket weather--some 50 degrees outside. Not bad, until yesterday.

Yesterday, the rain started.

Then the temperatures dropped.

So, the ice started.

And then, 'round 1 a.m., the snow started.

Which brings us to right now.

To say that we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning would be more than accurate.

It's bitter cold outside and so, so, so many of us are snowed in.

If the sun ever appears today and we thaw out, maybe see if you can make your way over to one of our wonderful Indianapolis Parks. Our Indy Park system is SO underrated. Did you know we have one of the largest urban nature preserves in the nation ('sup, Eagle Creek!)? 

Honestly, it's one of the best kept secrets around. 

So, have some fun today and make some memories.

Snow days are fun days if you do 'em right.

With hot cocoa flavored gratitude,



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