Tips on Building Your Own Fire Pit

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It's that time of year again!

The fall season is upon us and you know what that means--time to gather 'round the bonfire with some hot cocoa and a cozy blanket.


Relaxing around a fire and under the stars is about to be the perfect place to be for the perfect night.

But what if you don't have a fire pit?


Just build one yourself.

But what if you don't know where to begin?


Just check out these tips to build your own without breaking the bank.


#1 Choose Wood Instead of Gas

  • Gas fire pits are more expensive because you’ll have to hire a plumber to run the gas line and an electrician to power the pit.
  • A wood fire pit has none of that cost, which will run at least several hundred dollars. Besides, who doesn’t love the smokey ambiance of a wood fire?

#2 If You Want Gas, Put It Close to Your House

  • OK, not everyone loves an ashy, smoky fire pit. If you do want the simplicity of gas, you can get it most cheaply by keeping that gas line as short as possible.
  • The farther from your house that plumber has to run the gas line, the longer he’ll be there. And the longer he’s there, the more it will cost. And remember the electrician you’re going to pay to run wires to power the automatic starter? Same thing.

#3 Skip the Built-In Seating

  • Those stone benches in a semicircle around a flaming fire pit look like money. That’s because they’re made of it. They're also hugely uncomfortable.
  • A resin Adirondack chair is an affordable option. Plus, chairs are easier on your hinduarters, as well as your wallet.

#4 Select an (Almost) Smokeless Fire Pit

  • Smokeless fire pits, or smokeless stoves, aren’t entirely smokeless. But even though they’re wood burning, they generate less ash than wood fire pits The list of pros is extensive: durable, easy to maintain, efficient, usually made of stainless steel, and sometimes portable.
  • Keep in mind that some aren’t safe to use on decks, so for those, you’ll need a heat shield or fire pit mat.
  • The price ranges from about $90 to about $600 if you want a high-end Solo Stove.

#5 DiY Fire-Pit Kit

  • If you’re handy, DIY it. You can get a kit for a wood-burning fire pit for $130 and up. (You can buy kits for gas fire pits, too, but they cost a lot more and you’re still going to need to run a gas line.)
  • The easiest fire-pit kits are made of modular stone that you can stack, no mortar necessary. They’re like Legos for grown-ups. Each brick has a raised edge that makes it sit securely on the one below it. The only tool you’ll need is a wrench.
  • But be prepared: These kits can weigh as much as half a ton. Buy one you can have delivered.


Have fun building your own fire pit--and send me a pic!

Best one wins a gift basket to enjoy next to that warm fire!


With cozy-flannel-blanket-toasty-marshmallow gratitude,




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