Things to do in Indy for Valentine's Day!

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Mornin', everyone!

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and before you know it, we will be inundated with cards and chocolates and candy hearts and chocolate and more chocolate and so much chocolate...

*Actual picture of the author with chocolate. Probably. 


Where were we? Oh yeah, Valentine's Day.

Sure, you can book a reservation at St. Elmo's or Ocean Prime or Harry & Izzy's, but those aren't your only options.

I have a few time-honored-time-tested suggestions of my own.

Check 'em out!

White Castle

Yes, seriously. Le Chateau Blanc goes all out on Valentine's Day, with tablecloths and candles, the whole bit, really. Perfect place to take the kids! Reservations are strongly suggested.

Trax BBQ

Local celebrity chef Andrew Klein serves up some mighty tasty Carolina-style BBQ, all in a family friendly setting. Trax also shares the same space as Scarlet Lane Brewing Company, which makes the best handcrafted beer in the Metro Area. Don't believe me? TRY IT! 

Skyline Chili

Commonly known as "Cincinnati-Style Chili", Skyline Chili is the best food created, ever, in the history of cuisine. Served atop a soft steaming bed of spaghetti, with a mountain of fresh cheddar cheese, Skyline Chili is a cornerstone of civilized society. No nation can prosper without it, nor can any municipality realize it's own awe-inspiring potential without such a masterpiece of culinary delight amongst it's legion of fine dining establishments.

I said what I said.

With Skyline Chili inspired gratitude,


p.s. Looking for more suggestions this Valentine's Day? You're in luck!

There are so many things to do in the Indy Metro Area--and the best part?

Most of 'em are free!

Check them out here.

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