The 2021 Indiana State Fair is BACK!

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Beloved friends, colleagues and fellow citizens: BEHOLD!

After a brief hiatus due to you-know-what, the Indiana State Fair is BACK!

Thank. Goodness.

I don't know about you, but I missed it last year. Like, missed it a lot.

I mean...

Where can you get deep fried cheesecake, a giant pork tenderloin and a pickle on a stick--all in one day? 

Where can you watch Vince Neil of Mötley Crüe, see llamas compete in a fashion show and behold the state's largest hog--all in one day?

Where can you ride the ferris wheel, play a carnival game, and win a massive poster of David Hasselhof--all in one day?*

*your prize options may vary, speak to your local carnival barker.

The 2021 Indiana State Fair, that's where.


For those of you who are planning to go, click here for deals and discounts.

Also, send me some of your silliest State Fair pictures!

Best one wins a gift card to Starbucks!


With deep-fried, giant hand-breaded pork tenderloin gratitude,




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