Support for Ukraine: 3 Verified Donation Sites

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I don't typically post about controversial or political events, but sometimes, staying silent is not an option. 

As many of you are aware, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has begun. This touched off an incredible humanitarian crisis, with masses of refugees--mainly women and children--making a frenzied dash to the border.

Those that stayed behind were asked to fight for their country or simply cannot leave now for medical or other compelling reasons.

 Every realtor I know has a kind heart, compassionate nature and unique set of problem-solving skills...and I ain't met a one that finds this situation acceptable.  

If you wish to donate funds, here is a list of charities verified by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), that can help:

International Committee of the Red Cross


Doctors Without Borders

 This blog post is hyper-linked with some interesting content geared towards those of you living in a situation you cannot escape.

If your battery is running low and you need some ideas, feel free to click them. Might be nice to have some helpful information all in once place.

Oh, and one last thought:

Slava Ukraini!

With humility, admiration and gratitude,



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