Sold: 9020 Split Tree Court, Castleton

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This adorable 3BDRM/2BA Cape Cod on a cul-de-sac in Castleton has some new owners now! 

Congratulations on your new address!

May your home always be a haven of peace and a source of joy.

With Gratitude,


p.s. This transaction was the most technical one we've had all year. There were a lot of moving parts--selling a house in another state, an Arizona buyer's agent who wanted our client's possessions, a multi-state move, a cross country drive with a van full of furniture (that broke down in Amarillo!!), a missing key from the lockbox, and spurious charges on the settlement statement from an "interesting" third party.

Fortunately, this transaction was also full of exceptional collaboration. A tremendous THANK YOU to the radiant Rosa LaRusch for diligently driving this deal to the closing table in back in Arizona. Also, thank you for protecting that grill. 😜

We would also like to express our gratitude to the very seasoned James Cox of F.C. Tucker Carmel for his professionalism and steady guidance, as well as the sharp-as-a-tack Samantha Simpson of Centurion Land Title. Her instant analysis of the situation and her ability to cut through issues like a sharp knife through butter is impressive, to say the least. 

Your attention to detail and the outstanding work you put into this transaction truly sets the standard for excellence in real estate. 

It also meant everyone left that closing room all smiles and hugs. 

Thank you.