Seven Steps to Babyproof Your Home

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Expecting a visit from the stork soon?

Expecting a Visit from the Stork?

*Spoiler alert: this isn't actually where babies come from.  

Looking forward to holding your sweet little bundle(s) of joy?

Will it be a girl? A boy? Twins? Drop us a line and let us know!

*Is it twins? OMG, I'm having twins! Seriously, TWINS?!! --the author, circa 2006

If so, congratulations! Having a child and making your family complete is a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful thing. 

When you welcome your baby home, make sure your house is baby-proofed for safety.

How to Babyproof Your Home the Right Way

*Actual picture of my first attempt at baby-proofing my own home. Wish I'd had this article back then. Learn from my mistakes, people!

These helpful hints will keep you--and baby--safe for years to come.

  1. Electrical outlets and electrical cords: Use inexpensive plastic safety plugs available almost everywhere to insert when outlets are not in use. Repair frayed or cracked cords with electrical tape. If possible, run cords behind heavy furniture or even tack them high up on a wall.
  2. Telephone & window blind cords: Use wind-up cord shorteners for the phone cords and bind the blind cords up high out of baby’s reach.
  3. Doors: Invest in some good, sturdy doorway gates available at baby and department stores.
  4. Drawers, cupboards, closets and cabinets: install latches and knob covers for all of those within reach.
  5. Furniture corners and edges: find some foam padded furniture edge covers. You can also use thick moving blanket over sharp-cornered furniture.
  6. Kitchen: Keep a list of important phone numbers tacked to the refrigerator – poison control center, fire department, police, doctor’s office, dentist. Plastic grocery sacks and plastic produce wrap should be disposed of immediately to prevent asphyxiation. Use a kitchen trashcan that fits under the sink or has a tight-fitting lid.
  7. Bathroom: Use a plastic toilet lock. Make sure that all medicines (over-the-counter as well as prescription) are stored high above the floor in a latched cabinet. All cleaners should likewise be stored up high and in a locked closet or cabinet. Use a baby water thermometer along with a bathtub faucet guard to make sure bathwater doesn’t scald baby. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER leave a baby or toddler in a bathtub unattended. 

Enjoy your little one (or two!) and all the joy that parenthood brings.

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