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Guess what the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors just released?

A batch of fresh-baked market stats, just in time for the holidays!

Market Stats are Better than a Fruitcake. Probably.

*No, hon. Not this. 

I mean, who needs a fruitcake when you have the latest market report for the Indy Metro Area and surrounding counties?

Fruitcake or Market Stats? Market Stats!

*Fruitcake or market stats? Okay, gimme them stats...and give that fruitcake to Aunt Thelma.

Wait. Don't answer that.

So, the market is still cooling down...but not by a whole heck of a lot. We are seeing a slow-down that is typical for this time of year in the Indianapolis area. Days on Market (DOM) has increased, but only by a scant seven days. That's...that's not a lot of time, particularly since the average DOM was 34 in December 2020. Active inventory still remains scarce, and homes are still selling for 100% of asking price. 

To further illustrate my point, I've made some thoughtful and nuanced edits to the graphic:

Market is Still Like Hot Lava

*My edits were neither thoughtful nor nuanced. Discuss.

What does this mean to you?

Well, if you're a buyer, now is a good time to re-activate your search and/or remain an active participant in this market. While percentage of ask received is still hovering at 100% city-wide, it's not 101% or higher in the warmer-weathered months. 

If you're a seller, now is still a good time to sell your house. It You're likely going to get 100% of what you ask for (if you follow your broker's professional advice) and your home is likely going to sell quickly (if you follow your broker's professional advice). I will always, always, always advise you to have your home pre-inspected and get ahead of any stumbling blocks to the closing table, but that's just me. Why? Because I am always, always, always looking out for you.

Protecting your equity is what I do, and I ain't play around.

Want your own market stats report specifically tailored to your area?

I can do that! Consider it a holiday gift--just drop me a line and I will get that to you!

With statistically supported, nerdy holiday gratitude,



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