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Without a doubt, moving is one of the biggest projects adults can face--and it's one of the Top 10 stressors in life for a reason.

Changing jobs, finding a new home, adjusting to a new city...well, the process can bring out the worst, even in the best of us.

Can you imagine, then, how hard moving can be on a child?

Before you plan your move, plan your strategy with these helpful hints and tips below.

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  Before you move:

♦ If you're stressed, they're stressed. Try to stay positive and manage your stress level

♦ Buy a special address book so your child can gather addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

♦ If possible, bring your kids along when you look at houses--and let your realtor know. I like to bring along a snacks, water and coloring books when my clients bring their children along. 

♦ If you're moving to another part of the state or to a different state, get out the atlas and show your child where you'll be moving. Put together information on climate, topography, local attractions and land features, and historical data.

♦ Gather information on the sports or other extra-curricular activities that interest your child so you know how and when to sign up.

♦ Before you move, hold a going-away party for your child.

♦ Put together a scrapbook/photo album of the old house.

After you move:

♦ Unpack the kids’ rooms first. Let them decide on new furniture or how to arrange their old furniture in the new room.

♦ Keep to a routine. Have dinner the same time each night and make sure the kids are in bed at a specific time.

♦ Take your child to visit his or her new school and arrange to meet the teachers.

♦ Supply your children with several copies of your new address and phone number so they remember.


And after the kids are settled, a little bit of this may be good for the soul.

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