Hiring a Cleaning Service: Six Tips to Get Started

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Ahh, the week after Thanksgiving. You look around your house, thankful for the feast you hosted a few days earlier. The turkey carcass? Gone. Your fridge? Leftovers are getting pitched today. The dust on the chandelier...wait, was that there the whole time? The baseboards...holy smokes, they're filthy! And the carpet...hey, how long has that pumpkin pie been mashed into the carpet? 

Christmas will be here in a few weeks and with so much to do--and clean!--you'll never get this done in time. What to do?

So glad you asked!

You're going to hire a cleaning service, that's what you're going to do. So sit down, pour yourself a cup of tea, and read this blog post for tips and tricks on how to hire a cleaning service.


1. Ask friends, coworkers and neighbors for recommendations. For service-type jobs, word-of-mouth referrals are always best.

2. Make a list of the things you'd like the cleaners to do. That way you can determine what kind of service you need and manage your expectations.

3. The first few cleanings will be more expensive than subsequent cleanings. This is because most do a deep cleaning or two to start and then after that, cleanings will be more maintenance cleanings.

4. Having a cleaning service doesn't give you license to live like a pig. Chances are good that having someone else do the heavy cleaning will be incentive enough to keep the place looking neat and uncluttered between times.

5. Don't expect your housecleaner to read your mind about how you want things done and where you want things put away. Spell it all out. They'll be grateful.

6. Even though you're paying for the service, you should give tips to the individual cleaners because they don't get every cent you pay.


Need a recommendation for a cleaning service in the Indianapolis metro area?

Call Christie Burdine of Christie Cleans at (317) 523-6145.

She and her team do deep-cleaning for my buyers, sellers and investors--and does an incredible job.  

Make life a little easier on yourself this holiday season and call her. You'll be glad you did. 


With fresh-mopped floor gratitude,


Miriam Odegard

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