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It's not a secret that the housing market in Indianapolis is hot, hot, hot.

I know you've heard all the stories--$10,000 over asking price, a lifetime subscription to National Geographic AND a kidney...all to get a house?

Well maybe...maybe not.

While it's true that the market is hoppin', there are buyers who ARE winning the bid.

These days, it takes patience, grace and strategy.

Lots and lots and lots of strategy.

Especially strategy.

Here are a few tips to turn your dream house into a real home.


#1) Be Clear on What Your Dream Home Looks Like

Crystal clarity on what your dream home has is very important.

With the market being as red-hot as it is, you need to be clear on the location and features you want in a home--and then be prepared to act fast when your ideal property pops up. It's got a fence, basement and garage--but the kitchen doesn't have granite countertops? Maybe add those later. The living room walls are Bland Beige and you want Very Peri? There are lots of places to buy paint and people who do that sort of thing. Look, no home is 100% perfect, but if ticks all your main boxes (or most of ‘em), then you need to act fast.

Housing inventory is low and is only getting lower. If you see what you want, go for it.


#2) Get Pre-Approved or Stay Home 

Get Pre-

Sugar, there ain't no easy way to say this, but someone has to: if you're not pre-approved, you're wasting your time. For reals. In this market, the seller will not wait for you to obtain a pre-approval after making an offer. Why should they? Average Days on Market (DOM) is seven--SEVEN!--and besides, all of the other competing buyers will be pre-approved.

Believe me, there WILL be competing buyers. If you're not pre-approved, then all you're really doing is taking free tours of private homes around the Indy Metro Area.  Is that a good use of your time, in the cold winter weather amidst the throes of a pandemic? 

But what if you're a cash buyer? No problem. Get a proof of funds letter from your bank stating that you have the funds required to go through with the purchase.


#3) Use a Local Lender

I cannot stress this enough.

Use a local lender in your community, NOT a national one.


National lenders typically live out of state, have tremendous marketing budgets and their phones ring off the hook. They are not particularly bothered if they lose a client (that means YOU, hon).

Understand that you are just a file on their desk. A name on a whiteboard. A line item for their investors. They will never see you again, nor do they ever care to do so.

Local lenders, on the other hand, are vested in your community. Best believe they’re going to see your realtor again…at little league practice, the grocery store, the pick-up line at their child’s school, at local real estate and mortgage events in your community.

Here in the Indy Metro Area, the real estate/mortgage community is pretty connected.

Drop a loan a few times and word will get around. Trust me. I’ve seen it.


#4) Make Your Offer Easy as Pie

The simple truth is this: those days of making lowball offers and hoping the seller will counter are so 2014. When you enter our current housing market, you are competing with X number of buyers—buyers who have been shopping for at least 18 months and gotten rejection after rejection.

How many times can you get rejected before you turn into the sensei from Kobra Kai?

Their offers will be clean, quick and to the point. You must adapt if you want your offer accepted.

Be prepared to start at list price and go from there. Maybe you don’t ask for closing costs…maybe you use a local lender with a great reputation, maybe you pay for your own home warranty.

But offering anything less than 100% of ask right now—unless you have a darn good reason—is going to be the difference between you touring homes instead of actually owning one.


These tricks and tips can help--and if you need a little extra guidance, let's take the conversation further.

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