Five Ways to Increase Your Home's Value in 24 Hrs!

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Morning, peeps!

Spring will be here in a scant 40 days, and you know what that means: the spring housing market is around the corner. If you're thinking about listing your home--or simply want to invest in your property--here are five effective strategies to enhance the appeal of your home.

#1) Cultivate Your Curb Appeal: plant vibrant flowers, fertilize and maintain the lawn and add some greenery. Add a fresh coat of paint by painting the front door (an eye-catching yellow is ideal), install some new outdoor lighting fixtures (or simply change out the bulbs to a higher wattage) and wash the windows. 

#2) Care for Your Kitchen: look, ain't no easy way to say this. Buyers make a buying decision based, in part, on what your kitchen looks like. Clean all the appliances so they sparkle--and yes, that means the inside of the oven. You'd be surprised how many buyers look in there. Wipe down all countertops and deep clean your cabinets. Speaking of which, go ahead and organize your pantry and cabinet contents, too. 

If your budget allows, consider upgrading your appliances to new, energy saving ones and leave them with the house. Buyers will be more apt to offer on your listing if you include brand-new appliances, including the refrigerator. 

#3) Brighten Up Your Bathroom: update your facets, showerheads and cabinet hardware to create a modern, cohesive look. Consider replacing outdated flooring or tiles to give the space a fresh and clean feel. A fresh coat of paint can work wonders, or consider a few rolls of peel and stick wallpaper in a bold print.

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#4) Energy Efficient Improvements: increasing energy efficiency not only adds value to your home, but also appeals to eco-conscious buyers. Install smart thermostats, lighting and security systems for modern functionality. Take a look at your walls, roof and windows for gaps in insulation. If there are any, consider adding more.

Important Note: American Electric Power (AES) Indiana has a brand new Real Estate Ambassador Program. Reach out to your realtor for more information.

Essentially, you may qualify for up to a $125 rebate in a furnace inspection, as well as other energy saving rebates. 

#5) Utilize Unused Spaces: clear out all the cobwebs in our mechanical room. Transform unused spaces (think unfinished basement areas, attics, etc.) into functional areas, such as a bonus room or guest suite. 

 Want top dollar for your home?

You're likely to get it by focusing on curb appeal, kitchen and bath upgrades, energy efficiency improvements and carefully considered repurposing of unused spaces. 

Speaking of top dollar...

Reach out to me anytime for a free market analysis.

I'm happy to help!

With Gratitude,


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