February 2024 Housing Market Statistics

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Welcome back to our monthly exploration of Indianapolis's dynamic housing market!

As we journey through the statistics for February 2024, we uncover a landscape brimming with activity, opportunity, and resilience. Whether you're a prospective buyer, seller, or simply an enthusiast of real estate trends, these insights offer invaluable perspective into the evolving nature of Indianapolis's housing scene.

Median Sold Price:
In February 2024, the median sold price for homes in Indianapolis held steady at $280,000. This figure not only underscores the enduring appeal of the city's real estate market but also reflects a continuation of the positive trends observed in previous months.

Percentage of Listing Price Received:
Sellers will be pleased to learn that they received an impressive 97.5% of their listing price on average. This statistic highlights the strong demand for properties in Indianapolis and the ability of sellers to secure favorable returns on their investments.

Months of Inventory:
With just 1.7 months of inventory available, Indianapolis maintains a market characterized by low supply and high demand. This dynamic presents an advantageous environment for sellers, as competition among buyers intensifies in the quest to secure coveted properties.

Active Homes on the Market:
At the outset of February 2024, there were 3,202 active homes on the market in Indianapolis. This ample inventory ensures that buyers have a diverse range of options to explore, spanning various neighborhoods, styles, and price points.

As we reflect on the housing market statistics for February 2024, it's evident that Indianapolis remains a beacon of opportunity and growth in the realm of real estate. With a median sold price of $280,000, strong returns for sellers, and limited inventory, the city offers a compelling landscape for buyers and sellers alike. Whether you're embarking on a home search or considering listing your property, these insights provide invaluable context for navigating Indianapolis's dynamic housing market.

As always, stay tuned for our next installment as we continue to unravel the ever-evolving story of Indianapolis's housing market.

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