February 2023 Housing Market Statistics

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Market Trends

Monthly housing stats are out and, well...

Wish I had something new to tell you, but I don't.

Median sales price is still holding steady at $275,000.

Holding steady, not falling, like the talking heads say they will.

Median days on market?

Yeah, they're up 260% from this time last year. 

Percentage of list price received?

Still holding strong at over 97%.

So, to those saying that the bottom of the housing market is going to fall out, take note:

Unless you can remedy our inventory shortage--and thereby quell demand--your assertions are incorrect based on data.

Read that again: based on data, NOT emotion.

At the end of the day, the law of supply and demand still holds true.

Bidness is still bidness...and we do not take housing advice from diminutive hysterical fowl.

Don't Listen to Chicken Little. It's STILL a Seller's Market.

With I-Said-What-I-Said Gratitude,


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