Ever Wondered What Your House is Worth?

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Ever watched those commercials on that offer to tell you what your house is worth--but then received a very generic result and a million spam phone calls?

Ever wanted a market snapshot that goes a little deeper into the stats and is tailored specifically to your area? 

Ever wondered if there's a simpler--much simpler--way to figure that out? 

You're in luck!*

Too soon?

*You are in lots and lots and lots of luck! 

Here at miriamodegardhomes, our Market Insider page offers a quick snapshot of market activity in the Indianapolis Metro area.

Just plug in your zip code and you'll get a quick report of what the market is doing in your neighborhood.

Want even more detailed information, like average Days on Market (DOM) as they compare to Month over Month (MOM)?

Just reach out to me and I will serve up them up, like fresh baked, hot buttered rolls from the Bob Evans

Looking for a snapshot of market activity for the past year?

Just search our Market Trends blog page and you'll find it!

Why are we such epic housing market nerds around here?*

Nerdy Girl Who Knows How to Sell Your House

*Yeah, I'm nerdy. I also know how to sell your house in the shortest amount of time for the most amount of money. 

Because of you.

Look, you only get one chance to sell your house.

Don't you deserve to know how much equity you have in it? 

I mean, I think you do.  

  Remember, a real estate broker's job--well, one of 'em, anyway--is to protect your equity.*

Actual Picture of Miriam Odegard Protecting Equity

*Actual picture of me running the numbers, crafting a marketing plan and protecting your dreams. Seriously. I ain't play around.

Right now, we are in the strongest seller's market on record and equitable gains are very, very real. 

If you've ever thought about making a move, the time is now.

Reach out to me for a quick market snapshot (I won't robo call you, swear!) and let's start the conversation. 

With sweep-the-leg gratitude,



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