December 2021 Market Statistics

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Mornin', peeps!

MIBOR just released it's latest market stats and...well, I wish I had something new to report.

I don't.

Inventory is still scarce, down some 29.6% from this time last year--and inventory was down even then. Active inventory is down 13%, and take a look at that number. Compare it to new listings; there's not a lot of overlap, and homes are getting offers on them almost as quickly as they are hitting the market.

And speaking of offers: take a look the percentage of list price received by sellers.

It's hovering at 100%.


Typically, this would be unusual for the winter months in the Indianapolis area.

Typically, people don't want to tour homes in freezing cold weather, when they have to cross a snowdrift and try not to slip on the ice.

Typically...well, this ain't no typical market. And ain't been since March 2020 when you-know-what happened. 

December 2021 Market Statistics

If the scarcity of available inventory had a face, it would be this. Seriously.

*Lower than..magma? Red hot molten magma at the center of the earth? Muahahahahahahaha!

How long this hot streak will continue is the subject of intense speculation in real estate circles around here.

Right now, the consensus is that unless interest rates rise, intense demand will continue.*

*spoiler alert: they're going to, sometime in the next 60 to 90 days. 

Right now, it's a supply and demand issue. There's simply not enough houses to buy.

Want some friendly advice?

If you are a buyer in a position to buy, then make the decision to buy NOW.

Prices are expected to rise, and if interest rates change, your buying power will be restricted.

Interest rates may change, but prices will not get lower. In this market, you will need a strong agent to help you get that offer accepted.

There are lots of strong agents in the Indy Metro, and if you want to talk to one, let me introduce you.*  

Shameless is my MIDDLE name.

*Shameless is C'mon. Don't act so surprised. ;) 

Thinking about selling?

Sugar, I would.*

It's a seller's market!

*Actual photo of my last closing. Seller is in there, somewhere, behind a giant pile of money.

In the history of the U.S. housing market, equitable gains have never been so great. We've never seen such a steep rise in equity, well...ever.

Seriously, ever.

Speaking of which, are you on the brink of foreclosure?

Sell that house and preserve that equity.

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Protecting your equity is my value proposition to YOU.

How we can get it to work for you and your family is what I do. 


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