Another Five Star Review!

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We were stunned to receive this latest client review!

We can only put a portion of it on our graphics, and wanted to share it with you in it's entirety:


Miriam is the best! She is tenacious, honest, professional, detail oriented, and customer care focused all while being well grounded and down to earth.
Her integrity is impeccable and you can count on her. She's not about the numbers; she is dedicated to serving her clients. She will have your back. She insists on crossing all of the t's and dotting all of the i's.
My husband and I have been married for nearly four decades and this is the second home within the last 10 years that she has patiently helped us find. She listened and observed, noting our likes and our "meh" moments as we viewed houses. Due to her due diligence we found the perfect home for this stage of our life.
This transition involved a post closing possession date and Miriam insisted on writing out a clear, concise, and detailed rental contract between us and the sellers. There have been no foggy moments/issues regarding who pays for what when. It's a smooth transition.
She will definitely be our go to person when we look to make our next home (real estate) move.
Miriam assists her clients in finding a home, not just their next house. Miriam is not just our go to real estate agent--she has become a cherished friend.
If you are seeking a new home you should contact her, she will do you right!


To say that we are beyond grateful--and honored to serve--would be an understatement.

Thank you so much.

With Gratitude,


Miriam's Contact Card: (317) 220-5397 &